Somascape RISC OS Software

Note that all of the software available for download from these pages runs on Acorn machines running RISC OS.

That includes Advantage 6, RiscStation and Microdigital machines, and Castle's Iyonix.

They all run on my StrongARM RiscPC running RISC OS Select 4.37 (and previously were okay with RISC OS 4.02 and prior to that RISC OS 3.70 with WindowManager 3.98) so they should run on any RiscPC. Most will run on anything with RISC OS 3.10 or later.

All titles are 26/32-bit neutral. They have each been linked with StubsG, and thus have no special Shared C Library requirements. The use of StubsG should also ensure A9 compatibility, in addition to Iyonix and earlier models.

All of the archives are in the form of zip files, created using SparkFS 1.41.

If you experience any problems, either with any of the software itself or in downloading any of the archives, then please contact me.

Key to symbols used in table below
purple bullet requires ESP's MIDISupport module (0.30 or later on 26-bit OS; 0.34 or later on 32-bit OS)

0.17 purple bullet A Yamaha XG synthesizer controller 14 Aug 2007
0.19 Allows maintainance of Fresco's history list 25 Jan 2007
0.28 purple bullet A voice editor for Roland Juno/MKS-50 synths 27 Aug 2007
0.08 purple bullet A MIDI data monitor 21 Jul 2007
0.25 A utility for cleaning or interpreting MIDI files 29 Jan 2007
0.21 An audio mixer for internal sound, CD audio, Speak, and SharedSound handlers 09 Jul 2007
0.14 A SWI listing utility 12 Jul 2007
0.19 A drive duplication type of disc backup program 22 Oct 2007
0.37 purple bullet A MIDI System Exclusive data recorder 21 Jul 2007
0.27 Reports info for modules located on disc or in memory 03 Dec 2008