Version 0.19 (22 Oct 2007)
Operating system RISC OS 3.10+
26/32 bit neutral Yes
Licence Freeware
Download 77kB Zip archive

26/32-bit neutral

Syncopath was made 26/32-bit neutral as of version 0.14, though with a dependancy on Castle's '32-bit' Shared C Library.
As of version 0.18 it has been linked with StubsG and thus no longer requires Castle's Shared C Library.
The supplied version of FilerHRun is also 26/32-bit neutral.

This is a drive duplication type of disc backup program. I have written it with an APDL DataSafe drive very much in mind, as that is what I use, though it is also useable with network drives or removable drive systems (eg Zip discs). It can also be used under VirtualRPC, ie to backup your HostFS drive.

It acts as a frontend to David Pilling's SyncDiscs, which is thus required. SyncDiscs does all the hard work, though Syncopath simplifies its use, as well as providing a few additional features of its own. It has a simple scripting system, allowing (eg) scheduled backups (in association with Alarm).

The archive also contains a copy of Adny's FilerHRun module (1.21), which is needed to run SyncDiscs. Thanks to Adny for allowing me to supply this with Syncopath.